Pure Flavor® Receives FMI’s Gold Plate Award

Pure Flavor® Receives FMI’s Gold Plate Award

Leamington – With the holiday season in full swing, the FMI Foundation recently announced their 2022 Gold Plate Award winners via live stream earlier this week, highlighting outstanding family meal programs implemented by the food industry and community organizations. In the Category of Industry Supplier, greenhouse fruit & vegetable companyPureFlavor® won the Gold Plate Award for their ‘Eat Well Together to Be Well Together’ campaign that supported FMI’s National Family Meals Month™.

“The recipients of the 2022 Gold Plate Awards represent a collective industry effort to help families stay strong with family meals,” said FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin. “I’mparticularly proud of the programs that went the extra mile to connectthe importance of family meals, however one defines family, to mental health. Through creative messages, in-store promotion and innovative employee engagement, the passion for the Family Meals Movement is just one way our industry stands out.” 

Pure Flavor®’s “Eat Well Together to Be Well Together” campaign was strategically designed to bring awareness to the importance of family meals, both physically and mentally, byencouraging meal prep, familyinteraction, and the consumption of fruitsand vegetables. Each week, the greenhouse fruit & vegetable brand promoted new recipes, tips, and family meal facts, along with engaging three different targetedaudiences in surveys, giveaways, and partnership interaction. 

 “Our omni-channel approach to connect with consumers with our ‘Eat Well Together to Be Well Together’ campaign ensured that we connected with the right people on the right channel at theright time with the right message. The promotion of National Family Meals Month™ was right in our wheelhouse as a brand since our year-round promotional strategies are focused on just that, families!”, commented Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer. Pure Flavor® created a dedicated website to support the campaign: https://www.pure-flavor.com/fueling-healthy-families/ 

Pure Flavor® partnered with the Healthy Family Project, reaching over 20,000 e- newsletter subscribers and securing 94,000 impressions and 11,000 engagements between their combined social media accounts. Pure Flavor’s celebration of National Family Meals Month™ gained more than 436,000 impressions on social media and over 15,500 surveys completed, contributing further impact to improving family mealtime fortheir customers. 

“Healthy Family Project was honored to partner with Pure Flavor® for National FamilyMeals Month™. It is important that we are part of any momentum that helps create a healthier generation. This partnership was an excellent example of how we can fuelhealthy lives and create familymoments with freshproduce”, said TracyShaw, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Healthy Family Project. 

2022 Gold Plate Award Winners: 

  • Category: Retailer 1-49 Stores; Martin’s Super Markets 
  • Category: Retailer 50-199Stores; Spartan Nash Company 
  • Category: Retailer 200+ Stores; Hy-Vee Inc. 
  • Category: Supplier;Pure Flavor® 

FMI Gold Plate Award Campaign Summaries: https://www.fmi.org/family-meals/award 

Pure Flavor® continues to create consumption focused content to inspire families and consumers of all ages to eatmore fruits & vegetables, regardless of the season. Using a variety of digital strategies, the company is able connect with consumers on their channel of choice using tactical communication tools such as email, blogs, social media, as well as via the brandsaward-winningLive Deliciously® eMagazine which is published quarterly. Pure Flavor® recently launched their Healthy Holidays edition of the eMagazine featuring holiday themed content, Innovation in Growing, employee holiday favorites and so much more. 

To learn more about Pure Flavor® or to flip through company’saward-winning Live Deliciously® eMagazine, visit: https://www.pure-flavor.com/live-deliciously/ 

Photo Credit: Pure Flavor® © 2022 



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