Approval of ASPERELLO® from Denmark and Morocco

Approval of ASPERELLO® from Denmark and Morocco

Biobest is delighted to announce ASPERELLO® has gained approval in Denmark, for preventative use against Fusarium, Pythium and Didymella in a wide range of protected ornamental and vegetable crops, and in Morocco - against Pythium in pepper and tomato crops.

“This breakthrough biofungicide contains the unique, naturally occurring, beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34,” explains Dr Cindy Callens – Biobest Product Manager for biopesticides. 

Multiple modes of action

“Benefiting from multiple modes of action, it colonises plant roots to form a protective barrier against important soilborne fungal pathogens to support healthy root growth. It also triggers plants’ natural defence mechanisms, while parasitising and actively killing pathogens. As a result, ASPERELLO® offers outstanding biological protection against soilborne diseases including Fusarium and Pythium.” 

Already widely adopted by Biobest customers in parts of Europe, the USA and Canada, growers have enjoyed excellent results using ASPERELLO® against major soilborne diseases for several years.

Outperforms other controls

“In trials it has outperformed other biological products and continues to work well even at high soil temperatures,” says Cindy. “As such it is becoming an indispensable preventative tool to be systematically integrated into IPM programmes by propagators, plant raisers and growers.”  

Start applications

“With a strong preventative action, it is important to start ASPERELLO® applications as early as possible in the cultivation. The first application is the most important as it gives the beneficial fungal spores time to colonise the roots and grow with them.”

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