releases Source Cultivate to offer precise yield forecasting releases Source Cultivate to offer precise yield forecasting

AMSTERDAM — New AI solution will support growers in their decision-making process with accurate, real-time yield predictions., the leading provider of AI solutions for fruit and vegetable growers, today presented Source Cultivate: an AI-based solution that enables accurate yield forecasting up to eight weeks before harvest. Following the launch of its first product, Source Track, and the recent release of Source Irrigation Control, Source Cultivation is a new addition in the suite that takes greenhouse efficiency to the next level.

By simulating the outcome of cultivation strategies, Source Cultivate supports growers in their decision-making process with accurate, real-time yield predictions. It provides growers with valuable and consistent insights into how cultivation strategies, along with local greenhouse conditions, impact new fruit sets, plant load, and potential harvest. When combined with the execution of the crop plan, Source Cultivate can forecast with a 90% accuracy 3 to 4 weeks out. In addition, the software facilitates seamless data sharing between the greenhouse and sales teams through its API, ensuring complete transparency and enabling timely adjustments to yield expectations and their corresponding values. With Source Cultivate handling the complex data analysis for yield forecasting, the grower can focus on the greenhouse management. 

In developing Source Cultivate, as with all its products, collaborated closely with top-tier growers, leveraging their invaluable insights and practical expertise. By combining this on-the-ground knowledge with's expertise in plant science and data science, the company has created a cutting-edge, scalable AI software solution that addresses one of the most challenging issues faced by modern agriculture.

“Source Cultivate can provide a simulation that tells us what effect our early cultivation choices have on the rest of the season. It also offers insights when circumstances change, simulating what the consequences of those changes will be for our yield forecast. Source Cultivate is set out to bring us more certainty, solving one of our biggest pain points,” said Bart van den Bosch, Co-Owner of A&G van den Bosch.

“Yield forecasts are often inaccurate and only available shortly before the harvest, resulting in sales teams trading with unreliable and outdated information. Unexpected shortages or surpluses, often driven by weather conditions, many times come as a surprise and have a massive impact on the average sales price. At Source, we are committed to giving the reins back to growers and augmenting their skills through AI. Source Cultivate is the solution that enhances growers’ ability to predict yield accurately, decrease human error, and negotiate better trading terms,” said Ernst van Bruggen, CPO and Co-Founder of’s advanced AI technology is helping growers worldwide scale faster and operate more efficiently; boosting vegetable yields and creating more sustainable practices.’s solutions have been rolled out across the largest global fresh vegetable segments—tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers—with the eventual aim of improving operations for all fruit and vegetable growers.’s clients include Agro Care, Thanet Earth, The Green House Growers, Grupa Mularski, Le Jardin de Rabelais, and other leading growers worldwide. Globally, more than 300+ commercial greenhouses covering over 1800 hectares benefit from’s revolutionary solutions.

Officially unveiled at Greentech Amsterdam, Source Cultivate is now available to growers worldwide. Growers can request a product demo at’s website.

About is accelerating access to fresh fruit and vegetables by empowering the world’s growers with AI. Founded in 2020 by Rien Kamman (CEO) and Ernst van Bruggen (CPO), has brought together a team of experienced engineers and plant scientists and has partnered with the world’s leading growers to build the sector’s most advanced AI. Its AI solutions can simulate plant behavior for defining and implementing optimal cultivation strategies, taking into account millions of data points on climate, biology, and resources. By enabling more growers to operate more facilities more efficiently through pioneering tech, is making covered greenhouse agriculture accessible, profitable, and globally scalable. Together, we’re on a mission to feed the world, in a climate-resilient and resource-efficient way.



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