Architects and farm planners love working with Montel

Architects and farm planners love working with Montel

In vertical farming and CEA facility development, the ability to maximize one's physical footprint is of utmost importance. Mobile racking solutions allow farms to do more with less space, saving money and increasing yield per square foot. This fact has now been well-documented due to leading racking solution providers like Montel. However, less attention has been given to factors beyond yield and savings- factors including ongoing maintenance costs, product longevity, market history, and safety standards.

When it comes to CEA facility planning, these are the types of factors that architects are more privy to. Whereas entrepreneurs tend to look for cost-saving measures, architects often think more deeply, and from a more technical lens, about the products they select or recommend for indoor farms.

TJ Davis is a sales consultant at Workspace Technology, an authorized Montel dealer, who has worked with several architects on indoor farming projects. He has also collaborated with Montel to install and service their racking solutions for multiple vertical farming facilities, including a lettuce farm in Orlando and a medical cannabis facility in Tampa. 

"Architects tend to want to understand every detail related to product specifications," says Davis, emphasizing the care with which they recommend equipment when designing a CEA facility. They need to have a holistic view of the space they're developing and balance the functionality of the space with practical details like meeting code requirements.

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Photo: Agritecture

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