New top expert at Netherlands Academy of Engineering

New top expert at Netherlands Academy of Engineering
Silke Hemming

Silke Hemming, a researcher in horticultural technology affiliated with Wageningen University & Research, has been appointed top expert of the Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE). This new national organisation brings together 62 experts in technological sciences, applied engineering research and product development. NAE members play an active role in advancing technological innovation and addressing societal challenges such as climate change, environmental protection and access to essential resources such as energy, water and food.

Hemming is known as an expert on greenhouse system design and on greenhouse cover and screen materials. She has led international research on light transmission, diffused light and NIR reflective coatings. She is also involved in sustainable greenhouse designs for various climate zones worldwide. About her upcoming appointment, she says, "It is a great honour for me to become a fellow at the NAE. I see it as a valuable opportunity to make my contribution to advancing engineering both nationally and internationally."

Solutions to complex challenges

Silke Hemming has been working for Wageningen University & Research since 1999. Currently, she is also conducting research on artificial intelligence in greenhouse control systems. As a fellow of the NAE, she and the other experts will make an important contribution to the intellectual debate. Concrete action plans will be created and independent opinions will be generated, with the aim of providing solutions to complex societal challenges.

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