Henk-Willem Spaargaren says farewell to OZ Planten

Henk-Willem Spaargaren says farewell to OZ Planten
Henk-Willem Spaargaren and Dana Meertens at OZ Planten

Managing director Henk-Willem Spaargaren is leaving OZ Planten after 25 years and will be handing over the reins to Dana Meertens.

In 1998, Henk-Willem Spaargaren (64) started the process of converting the then flower exporter OZ Export in Aalsmeer into an autonomous plant department bearing the name OZ Planten. Since then, he has helped to develop the entity into the flourishing organisation that it is today. In 1999, it was the first company in OZ Group to move to the VBA Zuid industrial estate in De Kwakel. That same year, OZ Group merged with Van Duijn Groep to become Dutch Flower Group (DFG).

OZ Planten is renowned as a market-oriented organisation that uses its mission ‘with passion for plants’, to establish a close relationship with growers. OZ Planten also uses its expertise to make daily deliveries of house and garden plants to various customer segments, including wholesalers, garden centres, and retail chains in Europe.

Dana Meertens takes over the reins

When Henk-Willem Spaargaren leaves on 1 June 2024, Dana Meertens will become the managing director of OZ Planten. Dana Meertens had already assumed the role of commercial director last year. She has been at Dutch Flower Group for a total of 12.5 years and has occupied various commercial positions at e.g. Intergreen and Van Dijk Flora. In her new role, she will continue to be responsible for commercial management at OZ Planten.

Henk-Willem Spaargaren: “I can look back at all these years with pride, and was able to work with my colleagues to build the best plant company in Aalsmeer. I wish Dana the very best of luck as she further develops OZ Planten together with the team.”

Thank you from Dutch Flower Group

The Executive Committee of DFG wants to thank Henk-Willem Spaargaren for his hard work and commitment over the past 25 years, where he build the organisation and relationships with growers and customers. Naturally, there will be time to commemorate the departure of Henk-Willem Spaargaren.



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