Appearance and durability in the range of biocontainers

Appearance and durability in the range of biocontainers

There is no doubt sustainability is here to stay in greenhouse crop production. We have a petroleum plastic-intensive industry, and the containers we use are one of the contributing factors.

Biocontainers continue to pique growers' interest, and it seems that each year developments are made to improve the options we have. However, when it comes to biocontainers, people can get caught in a trap looking for a holy grail — something that doesn't exist among biocontainers.

A container that holds up perfectly during production and retailing but also degrades rapidly in the ground or compost pile simply does not exist. Or a container made from organic fibers that will look just like a petroleum plastic container. While there may be no single biocontainer amounting to a holy grail, there are certainly a number of "righteous cups" — biocontainers with different appearances and characteristics that are well-suited for production. The goal of this article is to highlight some of the key considerations to make when selecting biocontainers for your production.

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Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower

Source: Greenhouse Grower


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