AgTech start-up to deliver the first in-supermarket vertical farm

12-05-2022    13:28   |    HortiBiz

Sydney- In a partnership between InvertiGro and Australia's leading grocery retailer - Woolworths, under “the Urban Garden” branding, InvertiGro’s in-store InvertiWall showcases indoor vertical farming in action in the heart of Australia’s biggest city.

Woolworths Metro Park Sydney Village shoppers can see their herbs growing in the fruit and vegetable section of the inner-city Sydney store; and can now enjoy a new hyperlocal and sustainably-grown fresh herb range.   

In support of Woolworths’ commitment to “growing greener” this partnership helps to deliver on the promise. InvertiGro’s innovative indoor vertical farming solutions address consumers’ appetite for year-round healthy, fresh and flavoursome produce whilst also addressing our food security and sustainability issues that have only been highlighted by the Covid pandemic.    


InvertiGro’s resource efficient indoor farming solutions grow with a fraction of the land and water required by traditional commercial-scale farming methods.   


By bringing the farming as close to the consumer as possible, food miles are reduced to metres, transport carbon emissions and food losses are also dramatically reduced; whilst maximum freshness is guaranteed.   


Grown indoors, independent of climate conditions and without the need for any synthetic herbicides or pesticides, the hyper-local herbs are always fresh, always in season and are sold as living plants in 100% recyclable paper-based packaging.   


The herbs, which for launch include Basil, Mint, Coriander and Parsley, begin their life in InvertiGro’s rural-scale urban indoor farm in Rosebery, less than two kilometres from Woolworths Metro Park Sydney Village. Fully-grown herbs are transported to the store ready for sale, whilst others are transplanted into the in-store vertical farming wall where shoppers can see them continue growing until they are ready for sale.   


Co-Founder Paul Millett said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Australia’s ‘Fresh Food People’ to deliver a hyper-local, nutritious and flavoursome herb range whilst also introducing shoppers to the benefits of indoor vertical farming for both consumers and our planet.   


As indoor-farming technology providers, our solutions have applications from on-farm fodder production and crop diversification to in-store applications that can address urban and regional food deserts, supply chain and sustainability issues. Indoor vertical farming has the potential to help communities become more self-sufficient and sustainable in their food production and we are proud to be leading the way in Australian AgTech innovations with global applications.”

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