Afepasa presents his new liquid production plant

Afepasa presents his new liquid production plant

AFEPASA was founded 128 years ago as a family company specializes in Sulphur and nowadays is the oldest and largest sulphur producer in the world. Their products are present in over 80 countries, of which 80 % are used as fungicides, but also as fertilizers and biostimulants. Over time, the company has been transformed and modernized through a strategic plan based on the research and development for new agricultural solutions, as well as focused on a global expansion plan for exporting our products to more than 80 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Therefore, the company has doubled the number of talented employees and multiplied the investments in a state-of the-art infrastructure in just 10 years. Afepasa has achieved in this way a steady growth, and, thanks to our investment in quality processes and workflows, we are now certificated under ISO 14001, 90001, 45001 and EMAS, in addition to being awarded with the Golden Medal of Sustainability by ECOVADIS in 2021.

Regarding production capacity, the production plant was moved to a new site in Constantí (Tarragona, Spain) in 2002. This new facility was built under the concept of sustainable development. This production facility with 2 hectares of surface and 17,000 m2 was designed with the best industrial equipment, the most sophisticated process control, and the most advanced technology available for micronization, sublimation and mixing of agricultural and industrial sulphur, getting to be experts in phytosanitary formulation. Its capacity is more than 50,000 tons per year, complying with the most rigorous quality controls and environmental requirements. Nowadays, AFEPASA continues having one of the most modern sulphur refineries in Europe.

More recently in 2007, AFEPASA added to its product portfolio a new line of products for the protection of agricultural crops including fertilizers and biostimulants, with the aim of offering its customers and distributors a comprehensive response to maintain their agricultural activity in a sustainable and lasting way.

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