5 organizations trying to solve CEA’s energy problems

5 organizations trying to solve CEA’s energy problems

The 2021 Global CEA Census Report revealed that at least 38% of greenhouses and vertical farms don't track their energy use. The findings further showed disparities in the regional tracking of energy use, indicating that the Americas trailed behind Asia and Europe, which are emphasizing energy tracking at higher rates. These discoveries lead to an understanding that with energy use taking center stage in both financial viability and environmental sustainability conversations in the CEA industry, there's a need for solutions to CEA energy problems.

But even with the energy dilemma hanging over the CEA industry, various organizations are making significant strides in addressing energy efficiency. In this article we highlight 5 organizations trying to solve CEA's energy challenges in unique ways.

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Greenhouses are generally considered more energy efficient because they utilize sunlight as a primary energy source. Indeed, the CEA Census found that greenhouses on average use one-seventh the energy of vertical farms on a kWh per kg of product basis. Ceres Greenhouse Solutions is an organization that takes these efforts even further by designing greenhouses that maximize energy from the sun. Ceres has even patented their unique design which is most efficient in cold climates and includes the possible addition of a ground-to-air heat transfer system (GAHT). 

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Photo: LED lighting is an important aspect of indoor farming operations, but it consumes energy, contributing to a farm’s overall costs. Credit: GreenBiz.



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