20 most demanding & profitable agri ideas in India

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Agriculture is one of the most growing and demanding sectors in today’s era. There are more than 100 agriculture businesses that are growing rapidly these days but in this article we will talk about top 20 demanding agri businesses in India. Some of these agriculture businesses can be done in less capital, while some may require huge capital investment. If you are looking for ​​a low cost agri business, then this article will definitely help you.

Agriculture sector is a very large and vast sector which includes many other things like forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries. If agriculture-related business is done with passion and commitment, then you can earn very good income from it.


To start an agri business two things are essential - your ability to work and how much can you invest in that business.


Top Agri Business Ideas

Dairy business

The demand for milk as well as milk products always remains high. Hence we can say that dairy business is the most profitable agri business in India. To start a dairy business you need a good capital investment and some guidance from dairy experts. But if done with full passion, it gives very good business.


Mushroom farming

The business of mushroom farming can give you more profit in less time. Moreover it can be done in less expense and less space. The demand for mushroom has increased these days in hotels, restaurants as well as homes.


Production of organic manure

These days preparing vermicompost and organic fertilizer have become a domestic business. This business can be done in low capital investment all you need to have is little awareness of its production process.


Fertilizer Distribution Business

This business can be done easily by people living in small cities or rural areas. In fertilizer distribution business, you have to plan to buy fertilizers from big cities and sell them to rural areas.


Dry flower business

In the past 10 years, there has been a great increase in the trade of dried flowers. If you have a vacant land, you can cultivate flowers in it and dry them and sell them to craft stores or those who are fond of flowers.


Tree Farming

From tree farms, you can earn profits by growing and selling trees. In this business, it takes a long time till the trees grow, due to which the business and its profit will also take time. But it comes under the category of a good and profitable agriculture business.


Hydroponic Retail Store

The use of hydroponics technology is increasing very fast these days. In hydroponics system, plants/crops are cultivated without soil. In this business, you can sell many hydroponics equipment in one place.


Organic Greenhouse

The growth of organic greenhouse business is also very good because these days the demand for organic grown products is high. Earlier this business was being done on small scale, but with increasing demand people are now buying land to build organic greenhouses.


Tea leaf plantations

Due to the increasing demand for tea leaves, a person can earn good profit through this business. But for growing tea leaves, the choice of weather and place is very important. Though capital investment in this business is high but in return profit is also high.



As many people today have become health conscious, the demand for honey is also increasing. Thus beekeeping is also a profitable agri business. However, to start beekeeping you will have to undergo training.


Export of fruits and vegetables

Here all you need to do is buy fruits and vegetables from local farms or farmers and supply them to big cities or urban areas. Export of fruits and vegetables is a very profitable business with low investment.


Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs

Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs is yet another profitable agriculture business. If you have basic knowledge of medicinal plants and you have enough land, then you can earn good profits from its cultivation. At the same time, government also offers subsidies for cultivating medicinal plants.


Maize farming

Corn or maize has emerged as the most versatile crops. It can be grown under different climatic conditions. By selecting good quality seeds of maize, you will get bumper yield which in return will give you good money.


Spices Processing

Demand for organic spices is all over the world. We need spices at home also. Its processing and packaging process is not very difficult and can be started with less capital investment.


Goat rearing

The goat rearing business is very popular and profitable all across the world due to the high demand for its meat. The best thing is that goat rearing can be done in low capital investment.


Potato Powder Business

Potato powder is used extensively in the snack food industry. It is now being used in all types of dishes that require mashed potatoes. It is also used in making vegetable gravy and soup. Hence you can think of starting this business.


Cultivation of Vegetables

If you have cultivable land and people who can work on it, then you can start growing different vegetables. Good quality and high yields can lead to good profits.


Soybean Cultivation

Many types of food items like soy milk, soy flour, soy sauce, soybean oil, etc. are prepared from soybean. If you have vacant land, then you can earn profit by cultivating soybean in it.


Certified seed dealer

You can also start selling good quality or certified seeds. To do this business, some procedures have to be completed. There is no need to invest much capital in it.


Production of Potato Chips

The demand for French fries and potato chips is constantly increasing all over the world hence you can think of starting potato chips business. It is a very profitable business that can be started with low capital investment.


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Udayan Rana at 16.11.2020

need details which plantation has good demand and profitable, i want to start farimng business

Parma Nanda Bag at 29.11.2020

Please guide us to crop costly vegetable products in the month of December to May 2021 and your guidelines in pdf format

Suraj sahu at 13.12.2020

Please tell me what type of agriculture take less time and with good demand in bihar

Franci s joseph at 31.12.2020

Very good and informative

Krishteena Saikia at 04.02.2021

Very informative

Sivalingam M at 03.03.2021

I have 10 acres of land near chenagalpattu close to chennai.
Guide me to start with?

King Uk at 04.04.2021

Sir I have 20 acres land in uttrakhand , plz help me for Herbal planting

Charani at 07.05.2021

Respected sir,iam a house wife.i want to start small business of cultivation.can u give guidance to me.which one should I start.pleaae help me.

Charani at 07.05.2021

Respected sir,iam a house wife.i want to start small business of cultivation.can u give guidance to me.which one should I start.pleaae help me.

Saisri at 07.05.2021

Respected sir, I am a student, I want to change my village people life style, they r always do one single crop, paddy only. Plz guide me sir, with low cost to get high yield,

venkat at 18.05.2021

plz suggest me what i should grow in my farmland which is near the hilly region of andhra pradesh..with bores.....how do i go about these medicina plants....i have average water facility..

Mahesh at 23.05.2021

I want the cultivate the crop which is more demand in less time period in telangana

Saravanan Hariraj at 23.05.2021

Request for roof agri vegetable farming procedure and tips so to start learning. And possible plans to take this as main business in say 2-3 years preferably near chennai-Wallaja.


Saravanan Hariraj at 23.05.2021

Saravanan Hariraj few seconds ago

Request for roof agri vegetable farming procedure and tips so to start learning. And possible plans to take this as main business in say 2-3 years preferably near chennai-Wallaja.


Tiwari Rameshchandra Satyadeo at 31.05.2021

I have 20 acre land in Roha, Raigad, Maharashtra. I have planted 300 Hapus mango, #200 kaju tree, 100 coconut tree,20 Jackfruit tree in last 25 years. All are fruit giving. I have not earned single rupees till date. Adivasis take away all production. No benefit to complaint Police. I am fearful due to Atrocities act.
How to make farm profitable. Still 4 acre land are unused.

anshuman shah at 14.07.2021

sir I have 4 car of land close to Dudwa national park . Please Give me idea what all can I grow for farming .

Karanam rakesh at 03.09.2021

Sir I have 26 acres land give an idea for profitable crops

mahender at 17.03.2022

i have 6 acres of land please give me advise

Satish at 19.03.2022

Sir can you please tell me the management of dragon fruit and straw berry plants (can we cultivate both as combined crop)

Lalloo at 21.04.2022

I need to inves in plantation vegetable in Mauritius a good vegetable plantation

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