Reviews of Growtech at 1st day

24-11-2021    16:42   |    HortiBiz

20th Growtech performed beyond expectations! You can click below to watch the short video of the 1st day at Growtech.


"In the last years we were sharing a booth with one of our dealers. This is the first year that we have our own booth. The reason is that we see Turkey is a very important market for us. It’s actually the hub to the Middle East."

Johan van Erven - RIDDER


"Growtech has turned into an international exhibition. We had been building projects in Turkey, in many different regions as Dalsem. Growtech is mainly focusing on Eurasia so we have a chance to meet a lot of companies from surrounding countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan. This is why we’re exhibiting here, because we want to meet them as well and we know that we can find them here. That’s why we keep coming Growtech, Antalya!"

Marc Broeren- DALSEM


"We’re working on greenhouse solutions, robotizations. We do have a very international focus with focus areas like Dubai, Russia, US, Canada etc. Our expectations from Growtech is meeting our current customers and also to see new leads. We think that Antalya, Turkey can be a meeting point for the surrounding countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan maybe Russia. We’re here to meet new people. We had a chance to speak to people from Germany, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan, Turkey so we met already a lot of people!"

Tom van den Berg - CERTHON

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