How Riverbend Nursery is planting a better tomorrow

15-07-2021    12:31   |    Greenhouse Grower

Riverbend Nursery in Riner, VA, had just launched its new herb line when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year. However, rather than taking it as a lost opportunity, Riverbend CEO Steve Ronyak instead used the launch as a platform to give back to the community.

Along with the herbs, the company also decided to add vegetables and small fruits, and through a new venture called Planting a Better Tomorrow, the company allocated a certain portion of sales to food security programs in the region where the product was purchased.

“We wanted people, when they are buying our products, to understand that their purchase is going to help someone else in their community,” Ronyak says, noting that the feedback from its independent garden center customers has been very positive.

Source: Greenhouse Grower

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