How a Singaporean farmer is building a better greenhouse

06-04-2021    13:33   |    Quartz

For Ben Ang, founder of Natsuki’s Garden and also known as “Farmer Ben”, his experience as a horticulturist led to researching and designing his own greenhouse in a former schoolyard. Outdoor spaces in Singapore are being reused with small lots for individuals to experiment with growing their own produce. “A lot of protocols that have been developed for farming have been developed for temperate regions, places like the US and Europe, but it’s not tropical. I tweak methods, tailoring processes to our environment here,” explained Ang.

In particular, Ang designed his greenhouse to have a V-shaped roof, allowing hot air to escape the sides. “Most greenhouses are a hoop shape with a high point in the middle, and that’s really good if you’re in a temperate place. You need to balance between keeping the greenhouse warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Well, our summer heat is basically year-round. So we have the chance to optimize the structure.”

Header Photo: Ben Ang in his greenhouse, where he grows and tests plants.

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