New members, new strategic plan of AIPH

19-10-2020    11:57   |    Greenhouse Management

During the Sept. 30 general meeting, members unveiled a strategic plan for 2020-2023 that will serve several key objectives.


The general meeting of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) concluded the online edition of the 72nd Annual Congress on Sept. 30. The Congress, which included the AIPH Recovery from Crisis conference on Sept. 15 and the AIPH International Horticultural Expo Conference on Sept. 30, attracted over 200 delegates from over 50 countries.

AIPH full members are associations that represent the interests of growers in their respective countries and new members were welcomed from Sweden (LRF Trädgård), Mexico (Ornamental Plants and Flowers Mexico) and Vietnam (Ornamental Creature Association) during the Sept. 30 meeting. Thirteen new member countries have been added to AIPH membership in the last four years as well as around 30 affiliate member companies and organizations from around the world.

AIPH has strengthened its financial position over the same period and has expanded its Secretariat from one full-time staff member to eight, based in the UK, the Netherlands and France.  The increasing interest, from cities around the world, in hosting AIPH-approved International Horticultural Expos has driven revenues which have been re-invested in delivering the associations’ objectives in support of the global ornamental horticulture production industry.

During the Sept. 30 general meeting, members agreed on the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, which focuses on initiatives that serve the key objectives:

  • Stimulate increased demand for ornamental trees, plants, and flowers worldwide
  • Protect and promote the interests of the industry
  • Be an international hub for industry information and knowledge exchange
  • Lead best practice in ornamentals production
  • Strengthen national grower associations

Projects for the next three years include new Green City Guidelines, Green City awards, a new Global Industry Intelligence Centre, further development of FloraCulture International magazine and website, Expo Support Programme, collaboration on plant health, novelty protection support, Flower Auction Market Group, industry conferences and International Grower of the Year among many others.

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Source and Image Courtesy of Greenhouse Management

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