Led trial with eggplant to be continued

15-09-2020    13:05   |    Oreon

Growers want to grow eggplants all year round. Until now, lighting eggplants has never achieved the desired results in practice, but it is not yet known why. For that reason, a spectrum test was held last year at Wageningen University & Research in Bleiswijk.


The follow-up was a cultivation trial and lighting study at the Delphy Improvement Center last winter. In this study, hybrid lighting and full LED were compared, in which the Dutch Powerhouses of Oreon were used. In both treatments so much chlorosis occurred that the exposure time was reduced faster. The crop did not recover until March. This research will therefore be continued this winter. Another spectrum test is taking place, this time in the Plant Lighting climate cell. Different day lengths are used in that study. In addition, attention is paid to plant balance and variety effect.

The practical research at WUR in Bleiswijk is carried out by Delphy Improvement Center and Plant Lighting and funded by Kas als Energiebron. The crop cooperative Aubergine and Oreon contribute to this project. The entire article can be read in Onder Glas of August 2020.

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