Light lab: measurements for greenhouse

14-01-2020    18:20   |    Wageningen University & Research

The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research has unique measurement equipment available to measure the light transmittance, heat transmittance and condensation behaviour of transparent and semi-transparent materials. This enables them to provide objective advice on the suitability of materials for specific applications in greenhouses, based on the need of the crop.

Unique measuring facility for large surfaces

The light transmittance of greenhouse cover and screen materials with a heterogeneous structure can only be measured over a large surface area. For this, Greenhouse Horticulture of WUR has a large integrating sphere at its disposal for measuring the direct and diffuse light transmittance. The scattering of light (haze) can also be measured.

Condensation and heat permeability measurements

Contact angle measurements indicate the properties the greenhouse cover material during condensation. This is important because fine condensation drops, unlike film formation, leads to light loss. By determining the heat transmittance, the energy saving potential of the material can be quantitatively measured.

Greenhouse Horticulture of WUR in Bleiswijk offers a facility housing unique measurement instruments, extensive expertise in the field of light measurements and physical modelling, and databases with information about the properties of materials. The years of experience of Greenhouse Horticulture of WUR makes them a reliable partner, who, in addition to carrying out measurements is able to develop specific light measuring equipment for you.

Are you interested?

Do you have a question about the measurement of greenhouse material or would you like us to perform a measurent of your material? Click here to fill in this form.

Source and photo courtesy of Wageningen University & Research

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