This device helps to grow veggies indoors

18-06-2021    08:07   |    Msn News

I’m always jealous of people with a green thumb. As a person who’s interested in fresh produce but has never successfully grown any, I’ve kept “gardening” on my bucket list for some time.

I was curious to see how the Gardyn device works in real life after seeing it at the virtual CES this year, so I received one to test. I planted 30 vegetables and herbs in the Gardyn system and followed the hands-off approach, including taking a 12-day vacation while only monitoring the progress via the mobile app.

What is Gardyn?

© Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack Gardyn is a smart indoor device that helps people grow produce at home.

Gardyn is a hybriponic indoor gardening system—similar to hydroponic, only this technology recirculates water in a closed loop, which reduces water usage significantly. For gardening novices like me, this AI-enabled system can take care of most of the work that goes into growing plants.

The brand’s website currently offers three options for purchasing this indoor gardening system: the Starter Kit, Starter Kit + One-Year Membership, and the Starter Kit + Two-Year Membership. The latter two options include a subscription to the optional Kelby growing assistant app (more on that later). We tried the most basic option, the Gardyn Home Starter Kit.

What’s included in the Gardyn Home Starter Kit?

© Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack The yCubes and the device came in two separate packages.

The Gardyn Home Starter Kit comes with a base and three columns, into which you can pop in the seed pods, called “yCubes.” The kit includes 30 yCubes with seeds—the Gardyn website offers a big and expanding selection of yCubes with various seeds pre-packed. I opted for the standard assortment of seeds: butterhead lettuce, basil, cherry tomatoes, green mustard, and cardinale lettuce. For refills, users can select the seeds they like. It also comes with a bag of plant food, a rubber yCube holder for trimming and harvesting, and yCube covers.


The base houses a six-gallon water reservoir and a pump that brings water to the seeds in the yCubes. To solve the potential sunlight limitations of indoor growing, there are two poles sticking out of the base with LED grow lights that generate simulated sunlight to aid the plants’ growth.

© Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack The Gardyn app is easy to navigate. You can even access the two cameras to check on your plants.

If you purchase the Starter Kit + One-Year Membership or the Starter Kit + Two-Year Membership, you can access the watering and lighting schedules via the mobile app, as well as visually check the progress through the built-in cameras. When it’s time to harvest, head to the plant book in the app, which houses all the information about each plant.

Photo © Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

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