The 1st Australian grower with the Pepper Shuttle System

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Katunga Fresh Produce, originally a tomato grower in south-eastern Australia, is a close-knit family business where everyone contributes. This ensures that the best quality vegetables are produced with the best taste and shelf life. In response to the high demand from the Australian market, Katunga started growing 3 colours of bell peppers this year.

Watch the film of the Shuttle System above.

The first system in Australia

A while ago, Steenks Service from De Lier supplied a bell pepper shuttle system to ensure that the harvesting and transport activities of these new crops run smoothly. A distance difference of 16,522 km as the crow flies, but this has never been an obstacle. Katunga Fresh is the first Australian grower with this system.

Sander Zuidgeest, co-owner of Steenks Service: “This is the 1st bell pepper shuttle system in Australia that has now been delivered and we are proud of that. This system provides good labour savings and greater efficiency in harvesting and transport operations.”

How the Shuttle System works

When harvesting has to be done at height, the empty container will automatically move along with the platform of the pipe rail trolley. The shuttle itself remains at the bottom of the chassis. When the container is full, the pipe rail trolley goes down again. The full container is then attached to the shuttle, after which work can continue with an empty container.

The shuttles with full containers are then attached to an AGV electric tractor that automatically travels via the induction route to the sorting area, where they are then emptied. In this way, the production process becomes much simpler and there is less damage to the peppers.

More information about Katunga Fresh Produce and Steenks Service


Katunga Fresh Produce

1055 Numurkah Rd

Katunga VIC 3640




Steenks Service

Jan van de Laarweg 1

2678 LH De Lier

The Netherlands



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