New farm grows vertically with no soil or chemicals

28-04-2021    08:22   |    Northampton Chronicle

UK- 'We are set to leave a positive mark on the growing vertical farming industry in the UK and beyond'

A new farm has started growing crops in Northamptonshire - but not in the conventional way.

Syan Farms is the county's first vertical farm, which uses futuristic indoor shelves to makes its produce with no need for soil or pesticides - described as 'beyond organic'.

Solar energy powers the special lights that work like sunlight while rainwater is harvested to create a mist that surrounds the plants so they have everything they need to develop.

Syan Farms has partnered with controlled-environment-agriculture specialists Vertical Future and will help with its research into seed breeding, genetics and robotics.

Resh Diu, co-founder of the Horton-based firm, said: “The construction of our first vertical farm with Vertical Future is a great first step for us – and really just the start of our journey in light of our ambitious growth plans.

"It marks the progression that the UK industry is making towards providing local, sustainable produce all year round whilst protecting the environment.

"Our ambitions, team, and business model, combined with Vertical Future’s technologies and expertise are set to leave a positive mark on the growing vertical farming industry in the UK and beyond.”

Syan Farms believes vertical farming is more sustainable than conventional farming as it takes up less space, does not require harmful chemicals and reduces travel if it is grown in the UK.

They aimed to serve restaurants, distributors, and homes with the freshest produce such as vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and spices.

Vertical Future chief executive Jamie Burrows said: “Growing fresh produce in a fully controlled environment allows our partners to have a measurable influence on flavours, aesthetics, and other product characteristics – this is because we control all of the different variables associated with plant growth.

"Our systems enable our partners to do this in a sustainable way, year-round, on demand, and with absolutely no chemicals.

"We’re so excited to bring on-board the Syan Farms team to generate further improvements in UK agriculture.”

Source: Northampton Chronicle

Photo: Syan Farms grows lettuce on futuristic indoor shelves under LED lights with no soil or pesticides, said to be 'beyond organic'. Courtesy of Northampton Chronicle

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