New bioinsecticides launched in France and Italy

23-04-2021    09:56   |    Ag News

Idai Nature expands its catalog of products for agricultural biocontrol by launching its TEC FORT in Italy and France, as well as TEC BOM in Italy.

TEC FORT bioinsecticide is formulated with self-encapsulating natural pyrethrins which are highly effective against greenflies and white flies.

The main feature that differentiates this compound from other pyrethrins on the market is the incorporation of the registered technology Promicell®. This technology provides three competitive advantages that make it the right choice for the bioprotection market. The first advantage is that it avoids the degradation of pyrethrin by solar action; the second, that it prevents phytotoxicity, since it ensures dose homogeneity and increases its stability; and the third advantage is that it has a quick shock effect due to its strong action by contact, completely eliminating the pest.

These characteristics make TEC FORT, with a 2% concentration, achieve better results with the same dosage as other natural pyrethrins at 4% concentration. 

In France and Italy, TEC FORT is authorized to be used against greenflies and white flies in pepper and tomato. 

TEC BOM is a natural insecticide formulated with an exclusive selection of saponified vegetable oleins used to control shell insects such as whiteflies. Its three different modes of action, powerful contact action, cleaning effect of plant surfaces and the improved adherence of other treatments, make it very versatile and a highly effective product against whiteflies. Of course, it is a totally harmless natural product, which does not generate waste or crop resistance and is delicate with plants and the auxiliary fauna, making it suitable for zero waste strategies and approved for organic, biodynamic, conventional and integrated farming.

TEC BOM is a powerful tool to guarantee the requirements of the food chain with maximum crop yield. This product is registered in Italy against white flies on greenhouse tomatoes.

Phytosanitary registration number

TEC FORT in France and Italy: 2161105

TEC BOM in Italy: 17352

Source: Ag News


Photo Courtesy of Idai Nature



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