Vibrant and resilient deco containers

04-03-2021    09:02   |    Greenhouse Product News

These colorful designer combinations flourished in the Mast Young Plants trial garden in Michigan.

Last month, I highlighted the window box planters in the Mast Young Plants 2020 trial. This month I am focusing on the breeder recipe deco containers that I saw in the trial during my August visit. These combinations demonstrated the attributes to provide optimal performance for the consumer. These attributes include component balance, durability, vigor, uniformity, heat tolerance, longevity and floriferousness. The breeders participating were Danziger, Ball FloraPlant, Westhoff, GreenFuse Botanicals, PanAmerican Seed, Selecta One, Syngenta Flowers, Kientzler, Sakata, Suntory and Dümmen Orange. The greenhouse planting date for the containers was week 20, and they were moved to the trial site week 25. The soil mix utilized was Berger BM6 and the fertilizer program was a constant feed of Plant Marvel 17-5-14.


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Photo courtesy of Greenhouse Product News

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