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21-02-2021    10:57   |    van der Knaap

Van der Knaap stands for innovative and high-quality products. Van der Knaap innovation centre ‘de Kas’ in Honselersdijk (NL) houses this extensive R&D department with test greenhouses where various growing conditions can be simulated. In addition to extensive trials to test and optimise existing products and develop new products, trials are also carried out here on behalf of third parties (customers, growers).


When a trial is set up in practice, i.e. at a nursery on-site, it runs alongside normal production. In this situation it is usually not possible to adjust the cultivation strategy accordingly. This is where ‘de Kas’, Van der Knaap’s own test centre, offers a solution. Almost any desired cultivation situation can be set up in twelve separate test greenhouses and on an outdoor field.

Test greenhouses

In the test greenhouses, rooting and growth tests with substrate are carried out, but also studies into optimal fertilisation, irrigation, climate and lighting are possible. For this, Van der Knaap test greenhouses are equipped with the latest horticultural techniques. The tests are practice-oriented and are carried out in close collaboration with the customer. Van der Knaap test greenhouses are accessible to anyone interested after making an appointment. However, it is also possible to conduct closed trials.

Several cultivation techniques often come together in one trial. That is why we work together with suppliers of, for example: trays, climate control, crop protection and alternative cultivation methods, such as ponds for hydroponics. The test setups can be adapted to the desired cultivation methods in consultation with the customer.

In addition to knowledge of Van der Knaap own products, the R&PD team and their horticultural advisers also have extensive cultivation knowledge. In addition, they make use of external crop consultants and maintain good contacts with renowned knowledge institutions, such as Delphy and WUR, in case a more scientific input is desired.

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