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Steenks Service has been a supplier of Reisopack strapping machines for decades. These machines are widely used by growers for strapping pallets of tomatoes, for example. The Reisopack strapping machines are also used at cooling locations for fruits. For example, two Reisopack 2830 machines were recently delivered to Cool Control, one of the largest cooling and storage companies in the Netherlands.

More than 9,000 pallet spaces

Cool Control has 9,200 pallet spaces in the three buildings located directly next to each other in Maasdijk, right along the A20 highway. In October 2020, Cool Control also started the construction of a 4th building. These pallet spaces are divided over more than 40 independently controllable compartments, making it possible to achieve the ideal cooling temperature for every type of fruit.

“Cool Control is a service company to the customer. Pallets with fruit are not only stored in our cooling halls, but we also think along with the customer when a load of fruit has dropped significantly in quality during transport. ” says Fred Bakker of Cool Control.

In order to safely move all pallets with fruit, it is important that the pallets are securely strapped. This prevents pallets from falling and the load from falling out of the boxes. In the search for suitable machines, Cool Control came across Steenks Service.

Why did you choose a Reisopack 2830?

Fred Bakker, Cool Control: “As far as automation is concerned, it is difficult for us, because as a company we receive many different types of fruit and are therefore very flexible. This makes it difficult for us to purchase machines for this. With regard to strapping machines, we have been able to take a nice step with the Reisopack 2830. With these movable machines we can easily and quickly strap pallets in our warehouse. Because we stack pallets in different places, we can now easily strap them at a desired location and we no longer have to drive with unbound pallets.

Mobile and easy in use

The Reisopack 2830 is Steenks Service's best-selling strapping machine model and is used by many different types of companies. The reason why this machine is so popular is made clear in a conversation with Sander Zuidgeest of Steenks Service;

“The Reisopack 2830 is a semi-automatic strapping machine that is mobile and very easy in use. The Reisopack is placed next to the stacked pallet, after which the pallet can then be manually strapped. In addition, the favourable price of the machine is one of the reasons why this is one of our most popular machines. ”

More information about Steenks Service and Cool Control


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