Tuscan Growers look to further expansion in 2021

13-01-2021    10:03   |    Goedemorgen

Two nurseries in Tuscany that work as one, are looking to significantly expand their market in 2021. The campaign for the New Year will target further sales across both the U.K. and Europe including the Netherlands plus Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

Tuscany Growers 'Brand'

Operating from Pistoia, the two nurseries, Vivai Masetti Sabino and Vivai Biagini co-operate together under the brand Tuscany Growers which is entirely owned and operated by women, making it the only female run organisation in the Italian nursery industry.


Evergreen Pleached Trees

Pleached Trees such as Photinia, Quercus Ilex and Ilex Nellie Stevens are

amongst the most popular varieties grown and sold this unique nursery. Loropetalum Black Pearl Ball, cones shrubs and half standards plus climbers such  as Rosa Banksia, grafted Wisteria and Rhyncospermum  are further examples of the variety of plant material these growers are propagating in Pistoia.


Trend Towards the 'Green Home'

Following a sustained period of sales ahead of the festive season, General Manager Barbara Fontani commented, 'We have seen a trend towards 'greening the home'. Covid has resulted in people staying home but has allowed them to consider how their gardens look!'

'We are here to help provide suggestions and to supply plants and trees of their choice. Both the retail plant market, wholesalers and professional landscape sectors are looking for new ideas. We pride ourselves in a good and rapid service of supply.'

More than ready for Brexit!

Tuscany Growers have already set in place an extensive programme to alleviate potential issues with their supply chain. By using the REX exporter system, this provides certification for the origin of goods. It simplifies export procedures and reduces custom fees.

Impressive Video 'Tour'

Click this link to view their impressive video tour of their Tuscan nurseries.



Tuscany Growers are always available via the various message channels, email,  phone and wapp, so feel free to contact them today!'



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