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13-01-2021    12:53   |    Goedemorgen

NETHERLANDS- Westzaan- Floramedia materials experts share latest insights into sustainable plant labels in Green White Paper Update. Floramedia is conducting ongoing research into sustainable plant label materials. The company’s latest findings are presented in its Green White Paper Update 2021/2022. On 11 January, Floramedia introduced its footprint calculator and Sustainable Selection Guide as well as a new, fully recyclable plant label cardboard – FlorAqua.


As the industry leader in communication solutions and printed matter for the green sector, Floramedia expects the horticultural market to switch to more sustainable plant label materials within the next 10 years. By collaborating with supply chain partners and competitors, the company can achieve greater environmental gains, both sector-wide and throughout the supply chain.


Joris Verweij, CEO of Floramedia: “Choosing a suitable label material is harder than you might think. By providing clear and transparent information, we help our customers secure the best results – including for the environment.”


New footprint calculator and Sustainable Selection Guide

Floramedia has developed a certified footprint calculator for label materials which allows growers and retailers to compare different CO2 footprints. The firm’s materials experts emphasise that this is not just about CO2 emissions: a plant label’s renewability, recyclability and degradability are also critical factors when it comes to sustainability. All relevant information has been compiled in the Floramedia Sustainable Selection Guide – a clear, convenient tool that helps growers and retailers make environmentally conscious choices.


FlorAqua plant labels 

One of the new preferred materials is FlorAqua, a renewable and recyclable label cardboard with a varnish layer developed by Floramedia.


Lars Deden (Floramedia quality control): “The combination of varnish and three-layer cardboard means we can offer a unique material that is more moisture resistant”.


Request a copy of the Green White Paper Update 2021/2022 free of charge at


For more information, contact Ekko Vermeulen (Floramedia Country Manager Benelux) at or your local Floramedia representative.


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