Delicious greens from geoponic wall farms

26-11-2020    16:05   |    Food & Beverage Magazine

US, New York- Foodies with a conscience, rejoice! Two New York State enterprises are harnessing the power of geoponic technology and smart design to address today’s demand for healthy, sustainable food. Farmers and Chefs Restaurant in Poughkeepsie and Evergreen Market in Monsey are now offering fresh, local produce 365 days a year thanks to their revolutionary new Vertical Field urban farm installations.

The urban farm is the brainchild of Israeli startup Vertical Field (, an agro-tech company dedicated to a sustainable environment and improving human health conditions worldwide. Vertical Field technology is an energy-efficient, space-saving alternative to traditional crops that shortens the supply chain with on-site urban farming.Chefs, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and city planners are embracing these “portable farms” to create lush, green edible spaces around the world. And New York’s vertical farmers are celebrating the season with a quartet of recipes that highlight the bounty of autumn greens in surprising new ways (see below).

Strawberry Basil Vegan Ice Cream

Vegetable Knishes in Phyllo Leaves

Harvest Salad

What is a Vertical Field urban farm?

This eco-friendly, state-of-the-art farming method grows organic produce on a 20-foot high geoponic wall. Healthy, high-quality vegetables flourish in soil beds containing a proprietary mix of minerals and nutrients. Advanced sensors constantly monitor, irrigate, and fertilize the crops throughout every growth stage.The result: produce with a longer shelf life that’s cleaner and healthier than veggies shipped from miles away. Moreover, the sterile environment means that fewer hands are involved in the production of healthy lettuce, kale, arugula, basil, and cilantro – a welcome benefit in the age of Covid-19.

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