'Plea to kiwis' to take up horticulture jobs at home

19-11-2020    09:10   |    tvnz.com

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today made a "plea for Kiwis" to take up horticulture jobs at home, as the industry struggles to find seasonal workers.

Her comments come as Australia is offering a one-off $2000 payment to work across the ditch. Source: 1 NEWS

Her comments come as Australia offers a one-off $2000 payment for New Zealanders to work across the ditch in seasonal horticulture roles.

“I think what Australia’s doing demonstrates we are all experiencing the impact of closed borders, which are part of our successful Covid response," Ardern told media in Auckland.

“We are working very, very hard with our horticultural industry to find the New Zealanders to go into those jobs, making sure the conditions are good and that we’re attracting people into the work.

“My plea to Kiwis would be there are great jobs out there and we’ll keep working on ways to support you into those roles."

Ardern also warned the tempting bonus payment may not be so attractive to those not wanting to move permanently to Australia.


The Australian Government is offering a $2000 relocation payment for people who move to help its horticulture industry. Source: Seven Sharp

"The $2000 to take up a job in another country, then the quarantine costs ($3100 for a single person) coming back doesn’t add up," she warned.

The offer has been advertised on the Australian Government jobseeker website. It states New Zealanders will receive the $2000 bonus payment upon completion of six weeks harvesting work with 20 hours a week minimum requirement. 


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Source: Tvnz.com

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