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19-11-2020    14:38   |    Urban Ag News

GroAdvisor announced the launch of their “Greenhouse & Indoor Cultivation Podcast”. Commercial growers and cultivation business owners of all crop types are tuning in to learn strategies to grow their business, get the most out of their cultivation systems, and advance their horticulture career.

In the first four episodes, already released on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and groadvisorworldwide.com, listeners can learn everything from best-practices for vertical farming systems, cannabis business social networking, grow room design, and the advantages of modular construction.

If you’re not finding anything that you want to dig deeper into yet, the GroAdvisor team has notified us that they will be releasing additional episodes later this month. The newest episodes will help you get the most out of your greenhouse control systems with some lesser-known tips and strategies, and they’ll be releasing a special episode for hemp cultivators.

Click here for more information.

Photo Courtesy of GroAdvisor Worldwide

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Dr Rahat Ashraf at 22.11.2020

I am PhD in horticulture I am from Kashmir India I want to work with you contact for discussion thanks

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