FTS organises an event on CEA and Biodiversity

18-11-2020    10:21   |    Farm Tech Society

On Wednesday the 28th of October, FarmTech Society International organised a panel discussion on the role of Controlled Environment Agriculture in enhancing biodiversity in Europe. In addition to an earlier feedback written, the discussion highlighted once more the potential for indoor farming to offset nature. The event was kindly hosted by Franc Bogovic, MEP. Mr. Bogovic engages in agriculture, rural and and regional development. He leads the Smart Villages Initiative, ensuring EU funding for pilot projects and preparatory actions.

The speakers represented a variety of stakeholders, with representatives from the CEA industry, technology, and policy.

Ard van de Kreeke

Manager and owner at Growx, one of the first vertical farms in the Netherlands. Previously a successful organic farmer.

Mateja Kramar

Sustainability professional and serial entrepreneur at Microsoft Europe and has 30 years of experience.

 Dr. Andrew Jenkins

Research Fellow at TU Delft, his work is focussed on design solutions to optimise circularity and sustainability of urban agriculture. 

 Nicole Thorpe

Director of Cultinova, creating digital solutions for efficient, transparent, and sustainable food production.

Lodewijk Kleijn

Partner in HORIZON 11, a company with the goal to make the food supply chain healthier and more sustainable.

Gijsbertus Schilthuis

Head of Unit of Policy Perspectives within EC DG AGRI, He is at the forefront of EU agricultural policy decision making.

The panel was moderated by :

Tisha Livingston

CEO of  Infinite Acres, creating the state of the art technology available for indoor farming.

Stanislas Demeestere

Legal counsel for FarmTech Society and has a background in Policy Development on the topics of environmental law. 

Watch the opening statement by Franc Bogovic MEP here:


Source and Photo Courtesy of Farm Tech Society

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