Dramm releases ProLine Irrigation Controller

15-10-2020    12:41   |    Greenhouse Management

The controller increases the number of outputs available vs. previous options. Dramm, according to a press release, is upgrading its irrigation control line with the introduction of the ProLine Irrigation Controller Series. Per the release, the “ProLine increases the number of outputs available while still remaining modular and expandable,” per the company.

Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Management

The ProLine offers basic timed irrigation cycles with multiple programs and start times. The ProLine, with four available programs, allows for three of these to be active at one time, shortening irrigation cycle times when water is available. The ProLine, according to Dramm, offers daily watering selection and manual functions allowing the grower to activate either a single valve or an entire program easily when needed. Seasonal adjustments allow for all irrigation cycles to be increased or decreased easily, without having to reprogram each valve.

Using an added AirCard and cellular service, growers can monitor and manage their irrigation from a smartphone app. This feature allows the user the ability to run a manual cycle, increase or decrease watering times and more, from across the facility or across the world.

Source: Greenhouse Management

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Paul Kahiga Muteru at 16.10.2020

Does it have option to control PH and EC.

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