New fungicide, insecticide for greenhouses in Spain

13-10-2020    14:43   |    Ag News

Certis launched two products, Valcure and Majestik, which are part of the company’s line of biorational products.

Valcure (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens subsp. plantarum strain D747) is a biological fungicide for soil diseases and is registered for use on major horticultural greenhouse crops. It is very effective, natural and stands out due to its powerful fungicidal activity against common soil fungi, as well as its versatility.


It is also easy to apply through irrigation from the start of the crop cycle and can be conveniently covered on most areas, ensuring the health of plant roots and guaranteeing growth.


Majestik (maltodextrin) is an insecticide and miticide that Certis Spain launched in the market after several years of research and development, enabling it to achieved that fully responds to current market needs.


It is registered for use on all greenhouse plant species for controlling mites and whiteflies. It is also a contact product, so special attention must be paid during its application to achieve the wettability of the entire crop and ensure that the product comes into contact with pests. It can even be applied close to the time of harvest as it is MRL-free. It stands out for its proven effectiveness and safety to auxiliary fauna. Its characteristics and proven efficacy make it an ideal product for integrated pest management and enabled it to obtain certification for use in organic and biodynamic agriculture.


Source: Ag News


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