When cannabis meets aquaponics

14-09-2020    13:58   |    Greenhouse Grower

Two emerging trends in the world of controlled-environment production are cannabis and aquaponics. So what happens when the two meet?

That’s the story told by Tanner Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO of Stewart Farms, a New Brunswick, Canada-based company that is focused on sustainability and technological advancement in cannabis and cannabis genetics via vertical farming and aquaponics. A former lettuce and leafy greens grower, Stewart saw the potential a couple years ago of how high-quality cannabis could be produced using aquaponics.

“I have an unbelievable appreciation for the plants and the growers behind the plants,” Stewart told Canna. “I  put my six years of absorbed horticulture knowledge to work during the initial growth phase of our plants.”

Read more about Stewart’s adventures here.

Source: Greenhouse Grower

Photo: Stewart Tanner Courtesy of Canna.com

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