New digital guide for lighting in ornamental greenhouses

04-08-2020    14:36   |    Greenhouse Grower

P.L. Light Systems has released a new e-book for ornamental horticulture addressing the greenhouse lighting environment.

As growers know, ornamentals have specific lighting requirements needed to grow high-quality and consistent crops. Since many bedding plant varieties are started in winter, lighting becomes important for managing early growth stages and to ensure products are in a condition ready to be shipped to customers.

Cut flowers and flowering potted plants require supplemental lighting in low light times of the year, to avoid slow growth cycles, and to grow uniform, healthy plants. Since lighting is tied to overall quality and yields, it becomes important to have a reliable lighting system that can deliver on the goals growers want to achieve.

For more information on ornamental cultivation and their lighting requirements, download the Ornamental Crop Cultivation Guide.

Source and Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower

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