Managing common groundsel in greenhouses

06-07-2020    15:01   |    Greenhouse Grower

Common groundsel is one of the most problematic broadleaf weeds in greenhouses and nurseries. It is classified as a winter annual based on when the seeds germinate, although it also has the capacity to germinate under shady conditions in summer or fall.

Photo: Debalina Saha

The success of this weed lies in its ability to produce enormous amount of seeds. Seed development starts early in its life cycle, and plants typically produce 1,700 seeds; but can produce 25,000 or more seeds under optimal conditions.

Michigan State University researchers Debalina Saha and Carolyn Fitzgibbon have developed a bulletin that helps growers learn how to identify and manage common groundsel in their nurseries and greenhouse operations. Click here to learn more, and to download the bulletin.


Source: Greenhouse Grower

Photo Credit: Freepik

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