SCiO NIR analyser delivers corn moisture data in seconds

01-07-2020    09:08   |    Future Farming

A hand-held NIR analyser is at the core of an in-field corn (maize) cob moisture measurement system that by-passes lab analysis and is said to deliver results within seconds via an app on a mobile device.

SCiO for Corn has been developed by Consumer Physics, an Israeli technology company that has miniaturised the traditional NIR spectrometer into a pocket-sized device that connects to Cloud-based algorithms.

It operates in conjunction with a mobile device app to communicate the raw data and receive the results displayed numerically along with a trend chart. Consumer Physics, which has opened a US sales office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, says the ease of use and fast turnaround helps growers predict optimal harvest date more effectively.

SCiO device programmed for moisture measurement

The company has previously introduced versions of the SCiO device programmed for moisture measurement of corn, soybeans, wheat and other grains, and for feed nutrient analysis. Analysing moisture with SCiO for Corn is a non-destructive in-field process that involves sampling, say, five different cobs and tapping the mobile app. The moisture level reading should be available within seconds with an accuracy and precision said to be on par with a laboratory process.

The pocket-size SCiO is a scaled-down near-infra red (NIR) spectrometer. - Photo: Consumer Physics

Moisture levels from 8% to 80% can be measured, the higher values being particularly relevant to seed producers for monitoring the growing process and collecting data to support the development of future varieties.

Ascertain precise moisture level and variations

Consumer Physics believe the system is quick and easy enough for users to carry out multiple measurements from numerous locations in a field to ascertain the precise moisture level and variations in different areas.

Users can also track and monitor the data collected in the Cloud across time to produce long-range insights into crop efficiency and areas where improvements may be possible.

Data from measurements are transmitted for analysis via a mobile device app and processed by an algorithm, with the results displayed in the app. - Photo: Consumer Physics


Source: Future Farming

Photo: Consumer Physics
The SCiO miniature connected NIR spectrometer takes non-destructive moisture measurements in the field, which are processed through Cloud computing.)

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