Leaf picking trolleys for efficient picking and cutting leaves

28-06-2020    14:04   |    Goedemorgen

Cutting leaves in the greenhouse properly is becoming increasingly difficult for some growers. The cultivation gutters remain at the same height, but due to the differences in crop varieties, the heights vary more when cutting the leaves. As a result, there are many cases where cutting is not easy, forcing you to stand on the pipe in order to continue working. To do this all day is not ergonomically sound. This can lead to injuries to employees, with many consequences.

High efficiency and pleasant to use

For this reason Steenks has special leaf picking trolleys in its range. These cars drive electrically on the pipe rail system and have a height-adjustable platform. The minimum platform height is very low, so you can stand just above the tube. This leads to a simplification of labour and to a better work continuity. This allows you to carry out your work in any desired height and with improved efficiency.


Specialist in leaf picking trolleys

Steenks Service has a diverse range of leaf picking trolleys. For example, both models from Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens can be delivered. After each delivery Steenks Service offers technical support in the form of repair and maintenance.


Video | Leaf picking trolleys of Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens in action

Berg Hortimotive




For more information, please visit the Steenks Service website here.

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