Tomatoes in an autonomous greenhouse

25-06-2020    16:36   |    Yahoo Finance

STOCKHOLM- Join Heliospectra and the creators and winners of Wageningen University's "Autonomous Greenhouses International Challenge" at this free webinar! Listen to how computer scientists and horticultural experts formed multidisciplinary teams to challenge themselves and the state of the art in human operated greenhouse production in order to make a large step towards the Autonomous Greenhouse.

Challenge: Producing greenhouse grown cherry tomatoes with higher quality using less resources.

Goal with the challenge: Optimizing net profit through AI algorithms without entering the greenhouse.

21 teams with more than 200 participants and 26 nationalities participated in the organized hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to optimize net profit of a virtual tomato crop grown in a virtual greenhouse. For that, tomato yield and product quality, thus income, had to be maximized on one side, while the use of resources such as energy, CO2 and water, thus costs, had to be minimized on the other side.

The best 5 teams during the hackathon were selected to run a growing experiment in a real greenhouse with their AI algorithms. A tasty cherry tomato crop had to be grown remotely in 6 months. Join the webinar and listen to Dr. Silke Hemming (Wageeningen University), Leonard  Baart de la Faille (Captain of the winning team) and Daniel Bånkestad (Heliospectra).

Why you should attend: 

·       Develop your own roadmap for combining AI and remote sensing technologies to further automate your greenhouse.

·       Identify and implement new sustainability solutions and practices into your daily operations.

·       Evaluate the ratios and relationships between temperature, lighting, environmental controls and other growing facility inputs on crop forecasts and production results.

·       Analyze financial impacts and potential net profits for your business.

WHAT: Free webinar - Growing Tomatoes in an Autonomous Greenhouse

WHEN: 30 June at 16.00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)


REGISTER: Read more and register HERE for this free webinar!

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