Greenhouse supplies fresh produce to local restaurants

01-06-2020    09:12   |    KMOV4

US- COVID-19 has raised safety concerns about not only the air we breathe, but the food we eat.

A St. Louis City greenhouse is stepping up its safety measures in the food it supplies to local restaurants.

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On the edge of Lafayette Square, you can find the Hamilton Farms Greenhouse.

Ben Wolf is the cultivation manager there and is in charge of the 1,500 square foot facility, but you won’t find soil in this greenhouse.

The plants are grown using air and water. Wolf uses a mineral mix that replaces the soil. Temperature, humidity, light are all carefully controlled. Since the pandemic, new precautions have been put into place.

“It's very important to me that we keep all the produce that comes out of this, this greenhouse as clean as we possibly can. In addition, we're following social distancing guidelines here, and not allowing people into the greenhouse who aren't needed to be in here. And I'm doing all the harvesting myself,” said Wolf.

The greenhouse, along with a nearby outdoor garden produce enough to supply the Hamilton Steakhouse, Pw Pizza, Vin de Set and Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

“When you look at the produce that can come in from elsewhere you know what's on trucks, but you're not sure exactly who's handling it. And so here we have one source, and we know exactly where, you know, to trace that so it's very nice and comforting to know that,” said Bob Colosimo, General Manager of Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

Source: KMOV4
Photo: Screenshot from KMOV4 video.

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