Hortilux offers up lighting usage survey results

27-05-2020    15:20   |    Greenhouse Grower

Hortilux, a Netherlands-based grow light solutions specialist, recently released the results of a survey in which the company asked 100 Dutch growers and 30 growers from other countries about their experiences with high-pressure sodium (HPS), light-emitting diode (LED), and hybrid grow light systems.

The tech company says the downloadable knowledge document “zooms in on the main results of this research. In addition, experienced Hortilux consultants interpret the results and put them in perspective.”

Head on over to Hortilux.com to submit your email address and download the survey results.

Hortilux is a family-owned business, rooted in The Netherlands. Hortilux globally provides tailored grow light solutions to increase client’s yield per square meter, according to the company. 


Source: Greenhouse Grower

Photo Courtesy of Hortilux

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