'Quarantine greenhouses' to 'sneezing fences'

27-05-2020    13:33   |    Mediamatic

NETHERLANDS- As COVID-19 restrictions ease, restaurateurs are considering new ways to accommodate physical distancing.

Outfitted in face shields and holding long wooden planks in gloved hands, servers slide meals into mini greenhouses lining Amsterdam’s waterfront. A pandemic riff on private dining rooms — chambres séparées in French — a Dutch restaurant has dubbed its experiment Serres Sépparées (separate greenhouses).

More like dining in a fishbowl than a behind-closed-doors experience, the ETEN restaurant at Amsterdam’s Mediamatic art centre is putting a playful spin on protective barriers. Big enough for up to three people to gather around a candlelit table, these transparent enclosures serve as an example of what dining during relaxed COVID-19 containment measures could look like.


Source: National Post
Photo was taken at Mediamatic ETEN in Biotoop Dijkspark during our testing on April 28, 2020 By:Anne Lakeman

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