Ways to boost workplace safety in greenhouses

24-05-2020    09:26   |    Greenhouse Grower

As communities, states, and companies decide whether and when to re-open for business in this unusual time of pandemic-induced isolation, one question weighs heavy on decision-makers: Once we decide to re-open, how do we do it safely?

To help answer this question, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and The Marek Group have developed a new resource for greenhouse growers and other businesses. The two organizations have teamed up to provide a hub for businesses to find COVID-19 supplies, including personal protective equipment , sanitizing supplies, and display graphics to promote and protect safety in the workplace.

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“AEM has been at the forefront of promoting workplace safety and connecting companies with the resources needed to keep everyone safe in the construction and agriculture industries for decades,” says Jaime Vos, Director of Safety Materials Program at AEM. “For manufacturers and other businesses, the health and safety of their employees and customers in the workplace is paramount. We’re providing access to safety supplies to support them during this critical time.”

AEM’s online store will provide everything from signage, to floor graphics, to face shields and masks, as well as hand sanitizer for orders of any size. All orders will be fulfilled by The Marek Group, a Wisconsin-based turn-key marketing execution company specializing in print, promotions, mail, incentives, kitting, and fulfillment.

“The importance of personal protective equipment speaks for itself,” says Fuzzy  Marek, CEO of The Marek Group. “However, display graphics that communicate best practices and company safety policies are also important and effective at protecting the safety of your colleagues and customers.”


Photo by K I L I A N on Unsplash

Source: Greenhouse Grower

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