Artificial intelligence greenhouse complex

21-05-2020    15:39   |    UzA

UZBEKISTAN- Asaka Bank financed the construction of a greenhouse complex for growing agricultural products by hydroponics in Khorezm region.

The attractiveness of the project lies in the fact that coal-fired boilers will be used in the Greenhouse Company complex, a drip irrigation system will be established, a soil replacement system will be used, and that is, coconut extract will be laid. The greenhouse has its own weather station. The internal climate is controlled by artificial intelligence. The entire complex will be connected to the Internet, which will allow to manage it from anywhere.


Asaka Bank allocated a loan of $4,892,890 for the implementation of this project.



The greenhouse complex, occupying 12 hectares, will bring a rich harvest a year: 1,800,000 kilograms of tomatoes, 250,000 kilograms of strawberries and other agricultural products. Most importantly, about 150 new jobs will be created. Half of the qualitative products grown here will be exported, the rest – on domestic markets.


Source and Photo Courtesy of UzA

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