Subsidies for the installation of greenhouses

21-05-2020    10:45   |    UZ Daily

UZBEKISTAN, Tashkent- A resolution of the President “On Additional Measures to Support Homeowners and Ensuring Employment” was adopted.

In accordance with the resolution, starting from May 20, 2020, subsidies in the following amounts will be allocated from the State Employment Promotion Fund:

- on the basis of tripartite agreements concluded between the center for the promotion of employment, supplier organizations and owners of personal land:

- up to 30-fold basic calculation values ​​- for the installation of light greenhouses;

- up to 10-fold basic calculation values ​​- for the purchase of irrigation means;

- up to 3-fold basic calculation values ​​- for the purchase of seeds and seedlings;

- up to 10-fold basic calculation value - for contribution to the charter fund of agricultural cooperatives (in this case agricultural cooperatives are created in fish farming, rabbit farming, poultry farming, beekeeping, horticulture, viticulture, sewing, handicraft and other leading areas )

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