Testing partnership for hemp genetics

20-05-2020    08:25   |    Greenhouse Product News

The Hemp Mine, a hemp company focused on genetics and consumer products, is entering into a testing partnership with PHR Labs, LLC. PHR Labs is an ISO-17025 accredited independent hemp testing laboratory offering analytical testing and R&D services.

Through joint marketing and research efforts, the two companies are combining their years of experience to offer discounted testing services and guidance for The Hemp Mine genetics customers.


PHR Labs is the sole provider of ISO accredited testing services for The Hemp Mine’s research in field trials, university field trials, internal breeding operations, consumer product line such as tinctures, smokable flower, concentrates, and topicals. PHR Labs is the exclusive testing sponsor for The Hemp Mine Field Days (pictured above).


This trusted relationship will enable The Hemp Mine to provide science-based information about genetics research and consumer goods to their customers and the industry.

“This industry is hungry for data that reduces farmer risk and allows for viable commercial hemp production longevity. The Hemp Mine’s role is to enable the success of our grower customers through the foundation of data upon which we build our product offering,” said the Hemp Mine’s Travis Higginbotham Jr. “The same goes for consistency in production of our quality consumer goods. Through partnering with PHR labs we can bring cost discounts coupled with accurate sampling and testing SOPs to reduce the risk of non-compliance to our customers. Through this process we are incentivizing more awareness on proper testing methodology and frequency. In turn, we build a regional database of cannabinoid progression per cultivar offered to the market.”


“We are extremely excited to expand this partnership with The Hemp Mine to strengthen the analytical testing we perform for them and their clients,” said Corey Fitze, chief operating officer of PHR Labs.


To learn more, visit www.thehempmine.com.


Source: Greenhouse Product News

Photo by Joonas Sild on Unsplash

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