Teamspirit at Meteor Systems gives goose bumps

13-05-2020    13:53   |    Goedemorgen

Although these are exciting times for Meteor Systems as well, the international specialist in cultivation and irrigation systems continues at full speed. For this the company is especially grateful to its employees, Laura Rastovac says.

First of all Rastovac announces that fortunately there are no corona victims at Meteor Systems. "In the end, health is the most important thing". But also our work has continued over the past few weeks. The demand from the market has remained, which we are of course very happy with. The challenge was mainly in the execution.


Meteor Systems has customers all over the world. And so in the past weeks the company had to deal with all kinds of different guidelines and measures which made the work difficult. "Each time we have taken a step by step approach in compliance with the rules, in order to guarantee the health of our customers and our employees. Rastovac was impressed by the way everyone within the organisation took his or her responsibility in this. "There was a very nice process visible at Meteor Systems, where everyone put their shoulders to it and we started to think in solutions together. Together we made sure that the customer is not short of anything. The fact that in such a special time we manage to get the noses of about 100 people in the same direction is very special to me and it really gives me goose bumps".


So far Meteor Systems has been able to pick up and execute all projects that were planned. "We have been able to achieve everything and that is mainly a team effort. A big pat on the back for everyone. Also for the people in our factory, who just went to work every day. After all, they couldn't work from home." All in all, Rastovac is positive. "Of course, fewer new projects are being set up now and we are going to notice that in the near future. But I expect Meteor Systems to come out of this crisis well. And hopefully most of the horticultural companies with us."

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