Today: webinar with Clemens Driessen and Meiny Prins

12-05-2020    12:35   |    Goedemorgen

On Wednesday, Clemens Driessen, philosopher at Wageningen University, will take us on a tour of Westland in the early 17th century. He will argue how the Westland we know now, and its approach of total mastery and control of both plants and space was invented on this very spot 400 years ago. He will take us on a tour through the garden of Amalia van Solms behind the Palace of Honselersdijk: at the time ‘the Versailles of the North’ but today almost completely erased. We will meet illustrious figures such as Rene Descartes, Constantijn Huijgens and others who set out to revolutionize our relations to the natural world and invent our modern view of space. What would they think of Westland today? And what can we learn from this history for the future of horticulture?

In conversation with Meiny Prins, we will explore how we can collectively imagine a food system that makes good on the promises of early modern thinkers and horticulturalists, while avoiding the pitfalls of their approach. After reaching technical perfection, do we need to rethink the culture of horticulture? What motivates a modern vegetable grower? Where is the politics and poetry in climate control?

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