Running the numbers on lighting in a cannabis greenhouse

18-02-2020    12:01   |    Greenhouse Grower

Cannabis greenhouses are an ideal business to capitalize on the green rush, as it can be worth 100 times more per unit area than other high-value greenhouse crops.

The desire to strike it rich has given rise to some ornamental and vegetable growers transitioning (or considering it, at least) some of their square footage to this new crop. The problem, however, is that many growers are new to cannabis and don’t have much experience with the crop.

With so much money on the line, even the smallest change to your production environment will have a big impact.

LumiGrow offers a web guide that walks growers through real-world greenhouse cannabis economics scenarios and show how a greenhouse in a high light region can still gain an additional $13,700,000 per acre per year in revenue.

Check out the full guide at the LumiGrow Learning Center.

Source and Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower


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