Dr. Abhay Thosar, director of horti services at Fluence

17-02-2020    16:31   |    Goedemorgen

Fluence by OSRAM, a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and agriculture production, announced the appointment of Dr. Abhay Thosar to director of horticulture services.

Thosar, who previously served as senior plant specialist with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), brings deep horticultural experience and applied expertise in horticultural lighting to Fluence.

“Abhay’s decades-long career in greenhouse management and lighting technology is an invaluable asset to our bourgeoning industry,” said Steve Graves, vice president of business development for Fluence. “We are thrilled to bring Abhay onto our team to bolster our horticultural knowledge and expand Fluence’s support to our global customer base.”

Thosar’s primary responsibilities will include the leadership and management of Fluence’s global horticulture services team, which supports customers in adopting and optimizing their growing facilities with Fluence’s innovative LED systems. Fluence’s horticulture services team develops and transfers best practices in applied horticultural lighting to cultivators, ensuring balance across critical environmental influences in plant growth and development.

“Fluence’s holistic approach to optimizing crop productivity, horticulture inputs and crop management is a critical advantage for today’s growers,” Thosar said. “Through my own research and experience, I’ve educated a number of growers about the importance of integrating and optimizing lighting in their growing ecosystems. I’m eager to join Fluence’s horticulture services team to empower and enhance how growers approach their crops through a combination of Fluence’s unique technology and best practices.”

Thosar obtained his Ph.D. in plant physiology from Gujarat Agricultural University in India. Before joining Philips Lighting, he served as a general manager, head grower and quality systems manager at a number of commercial greenhouses in Canada.


Source: Greenhousemag

Photo courtesy of Fluence


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