Kaskieswijzer helps growers with the choice of greenhouse cover

14-01-2020    17:16   |    Wageningen University & Research

For many crops the following applies: the more light, the better. That is why it is important for growers with a greenhouse to choose the right greenhouse cover. However, the choice is large. There is a wide range of types of glass and coatings. That is why the Greenhouse Horticulture Business Unit at Wageningen University & Research is developing the Kaskieswijzer. With a few mouse clicks, the grower can see the effect of material selection and design on the annual light sum in the greenhouse.

Different types of glass

There are a large number of different types of glass and coatings, and developments are not standing still. New materials and applications are still being developed. For many existing materials there is already a lot of knowledge about the effects, such as: how much light does a type of glass let through, or how diffuse is the light that shines through a certain coating? The effect is also dependent of variables like:  the orientation of the greenhouse (for example, North / South or East / West), roof slope and powder coating. All that knowledge is bundled in the online Kaskieswijzer.


In Kaskieswijzer a grower can enter the relevant data into the calculation modules. Kaskieswijzer then shows the effects on the monthly light sum. With those data the grower gets a good feeling about which investments in the greenhouse cover are profitable for his crop.


It is important that the Kaskieswijzer is both user-friendly and impartial. That is why a group of growers is involved in the development. They may indicate what they consider important in the area of, for example, the information and design presented. The Kaskieswijzer is expected to be available from the end of 2019.


The Kaskieswijzer is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the Greenhouse Horticulture Program Fund.

Source and photo courtesy of Wageningen University & Research

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